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  • It's normal to feel hesitant about making life changes and be unsure about discussing personal difficulties.
  • Life is stressful given its fast-pace, increasing demands, more materialistic desires, minimal time for self-care or growth, etc. Research suggests that up to 70% of physician visits have a psychosocial component (HMO Practice 1996) and that between 20% and 24% of primary care population have psychological disorders (WHO Educational Packet 2000).
  • Difficult life experiences or unresolved problems gradually result in dissatisfaction, unproductive behaviors, and an unbalanced lifestyle.
  • Psychiatric medications may tend to be effective in reducing symptoms, but do not necessarily help achieve happiness.
  • Effective therapy reveals how difficult experiences have resulted in distress and problems, re-examines such experiences resulting in emotional freedom and confidence, motivates using newfound resources to maximize one's potential and create a balanced lifestyle.
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