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Individual Psychotherapy


When I first met Alex I was mentally tumbling down a long spiral staircase. The increased stress & demands of my job coupled with a cut throat work environment triggered a series of panic attacks within me. Subsequently, memories of my childhood sexual and physical abuse began to surface. At night I was reliving the abuse through nightmares and fighting flashbacks during the day. I was fearful of everyone around me and most days I struggled to pull myself out of bed. I battled relentless waves of suicidal thoughts, dissociation, anxiety and depression. I literally thought I was losing my mind. I wanted to die. But with Alex's expertise, patience, empathy, honesty, adaptive reasoning skills and wit, he was able to help me overcome my fears of the world and show me I was valuable as a person. He instilled within me a greater sense of self confidence and inner peace. I am a better person because of our therapeutic relationship and the healing path we walked along together. I am alive today and enjoy my life so much more due to his remarkable talents as a psychologist, unwavering support and kindness as a human being. Words could never fully describe how grateful I am that God allowed our paths to intersect in this lifetime. He's gifted.




Dr. Marsal was recommended to me by my personal physician in 2000 at a very troubling time in my life. I have been a patient of Alex's on a regular basis since that time. I have been most impressed with Alex's consistent approach towards improving my life. My life and my approach towards my life have improved. My understanding of myself has improved. My desire to want a better life is directly associated to the work Alex and I have done together. Alex has regularly guided me towards the truth in situations where I was too emotionally invested to see otherwise. Alex gained my trust through his caring and genuine interest in having me create a better life for myself. Alex has encouraged me to contact him at any hour if an issue became overwhelming. I have taken him up on his offer on more than one occasion. His reasoning is as sound as any person I have ever met. I believe Alex is genuinely concerned for my best interest and those of all of his patients. I have recommended many people to Alex and will do so in the future as well.




When I began seeing Dr. Marsal, I feared I would never be happy. I felt dejected and helpless. I had lost all faith in my ability to change my situation. However, seventeen months later, I understand that my own self-defeating behavior was causing my misery and I am learning how to make healthy, constructive choices which will lead to a bright future. I now know that my life is what I make it; I am in control. I may never have realized such a simple yet empowering concept had I not met Dr. Marsal. I am happy now because of me, and most importantly, I like myself.




Couple Psychotherapy



Alex saved our marriage. He will argue that it's not true. He says that we saved it with his help. But without him, we would be yet another divorced couple. When we married, people were dazzled by our love, until circumstances shook our foundation. Then we found Alex. He is the kindest, most compassionate and objective professional in his field. His standards are second to none and his good humor and warm smile make him so easy to talk to. In our opinion, his talent for bringing about positive change is God-given. We can now work through highly sensitive issues and close our discussion with a kiss. Our marriage is deeper, richer and happier, and it gets better every day. If all couples could have the gift that Alex has given us, of being able to effectively and lovingly communicate, the divorce rate would be dramatically lower. We thank you.

--M & MK



Group Psychotherapy



After several months of refusing Dr. Marsal's gentle suggestions inviting me to participate in group therapy, I decided to be sincere about my recovery and to confront my fears about interacting in a group. On my first night, I was so nervous because I had never discussed my problems in a group. I was anxious about many questions. 'What if the people weren't anything like me? What if they didn't understand? What if they judged me?' Two years later, I had formed a connection with the group that I never could have imagined. I shared my life experiences with the group and was able to learn from others. I consider my group experience invaluable. Most importantly, I discovered that being accountable to the group added a new dimension to my responsibility over my recovery.







The presenter (Dr. Marsal) was informative, knowledgeable, humorous, interesting, and effective. I would gladly try to incorporate this training in my work and will. The role play made it all real.

-IDDT Training



Techniques taught by Alex are appropriate for use in various applications where information gathering is the goal. I think the 7 word or less technique will dramatically help me to minimize my verbalization and focus more on the customer. I appreciated that Alex did not "target" trainees for embarrassment when it appeared that trainee did not feel comfy about being "on Front Street." Thanks for providing a relevant training!!

-IDDT Training



Alex did an excellent job-he makes the information very digestible and the practical exercises make it seem achievable.

-IDDT Training




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